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Notice of Proposed Amendments to CEC’s Bylaws

The Board of Directors voted to amend the Bylaws as follows:

ARTICLE V Board of Directors 

Section 1. Composition. 

a. The board will consist of no fewer than 12 16 members and no more than 15, including the four officers (specifically, the President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, and Treasurer). In addition, the board may appoint up to three voting Thought Leaders to serve on the board each year, as needed. The board has the authority to determine annually the number of board members necessary to fulfill the mission of the organization based on a needs assessment performed by the Leadership Development Committee.  The CEC Executive Director serves as a non-voting member of the Board.

NOTE: Board members who start their term prior to 1/1/2023 will continue to be eligible for up to two three-year terms.

Section 3. Selection of Members of the Board of Directors.

b. The President Elect shall be either an existing board member and have served as a member of the board for a minimum of two years be in his/her/their last year on the board, or will have served on the board within the past five seven years, at the time of application. The President Elect will be appointed by simple majority of the board from a slate of at least two candidates developed and presented by the LDC.

c. The Treasurer will be appointed by simple majority of the board from a slate of at least two candidates developed and presented by the LDC.

Section 4. Terms of Office and Succession. 

a. Length of Term. 

(1) The term of office for members of the Board of Directors shall be three four years. The terms shall be staggered on a fixed-cycle basis according to an established schedule so that, as nearly as possible, one-third of the members are elected each year. The term of a director shall expire at the end of the period for which he or she was elected or appointed. 

(2) Thought Leaders will serve a minimum of one year, with a limit of up to three consecutive years. 

b. Restrictions. 

(1) A member of the Board of Directors who was elected to and has served a full three-year term on the board is eligible to apply for consideration by the Leadership Development Committee for re-election to a second full term immediately upon completion of the first term. A third consecutive elected term is not permitted. However, a person who has served two consecutive elected terms may apply for consideration for slating through the LDC following a one-year break in service. 

(2) (3) A member of the Board of Directors who is appointed to another post on the board shall be eligible to accept it, effective upon termination (either by expiration or resignation), of his/her/their present term of office.

Posted:  26 July, 2022

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