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New Equity Resource for Educators and Stakeholders Released

2 young female students sitting on the floor looking up at peer sitting in chair

The COVID-19 Education Coalition Centering Equity workgroup has released a set of questions that educators, school, district and state leaders, parents, and communities can ask to spark discussions to address accessibility, educator capacity, quality of learning opportunities, and educational outcomes.

The questions focus on students with disabilities as well as learners who are American Indian, Black, or members of other racial or ethnic minority groups; English Learners; learners experiencing homelessness; low-income students; students who identify as LGBTQ; learners in the foster system; and students who identify as migrant or live in rural and remote communities.

For educators, the questions range from how to ensure that all students are being equitably served in a remote environment to developing and implementing a self-care plan that ensures educators are in the right frame of mind to equitably serve all students.

View the questions

Posted:  27 August, 2020

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