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NCTQ Issues Brief on Quality of Teacher Workforce Data

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The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) released a Policy Brief entitled Do States Have the Data They Need to Answer Important Questions about Teacher Workforce? which details the current state of data gathering and offers policy suggestions for improvement. Presently, many states have enacted general policies that are unsupported by any data that specifies the precise nature of teacher shortages. This generic approach may jeopardize student access to quality teachers. In its study, the NCTQ research examined three aspects of the availability of data: organization, data at all levels of the system; subject-area, disaggregated by certification area; and timing of collection, school-year just ended or previous year. Forty-three states responded to the NCTQ survey and responses were then analyzed according to: health of the teacher pipeline, teacher turnover, and equitable assignment of teachers. Findings showed that much of the data is gathered, yet pieces of the system are unconnected which makes utilization of information for targeted areas of need and equitable distribution of teachers difficult. To help improve coordinated data gathering and sharing of information, NCTQ has released the Teacher Supply and Demand State Data Guide: A Resource for Leaders and Advocates.

Read the brief here.  

Posted:  16 December, 2022

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