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NCLD Releases New Set of Resources Focused on Intersectionality

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This week, the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) published a set of resources in conjunction with seven other disability, civil rights, and social-emotional learning organizations. These resources include a report on the importance of intersectionality when it comes to students’ emotional and academic development during COVID-19, as well as three guides.

Each guide targets a different stakeholdernamely, the family, school leaders, and the school district. While the resources can be applied to different marginalized communities, they take a particular focus on students with disabilities in an attempt to understand the compounding effect of marginalization brought on by learning under COVID-19.

The report identifies six actions to take both during the pandemic and later on in order to promote emotional and academic equity in the classroom, while the guides offer more targeted approaches for each specific stakeholder group.

Access the report and guides

Posted:  20 November, 2020

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