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NCLD Publishes White Paper and Briefs on Significant Disproportionality

young african american students doing schoolwork

This week, the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) published a comprehensive white paper and six accompanying briefs detailing the effects of significant disproportionality in special education.

The report shows that years of inequity in education have resulted in students of color being overrepresented in special education and being placed in more restrictive educational environments. NCLD’s research also shows that students of color are also disciplined more harshly and at higher rates than their peers.

The six briefs focus on specific groups of students—Black students, English learners, Asian students, Latinx students, American Indian & Native students, and students from low-income families—to share data on how these communities are impacted by significant disproportionality.

The report includes a call to action for education professionals and policymakers to understand and actively work against the effects of significant disproportionality.

Access the white paper and briefs

Posted:  22 October, 2020

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