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LDC Announces New Board Application Process for 2022

In an effort to better serve the CEC membership, the Leadership Development Committee (LDC), in collaboration with CEC leadership, has revised the application process for CEC Board of Directors positions. The intent of this revision is to decrease barriers for members to apply and provide increased opportunities for equity in the application process. Further, the LDC wanted to streamline the process out of respect for each applicant’s time and effort. The Board of Directors application will consist of an iterative, multiple-step process that will funnel down to those we hope will be the best fit for the Board as needed at the time.

Applications are no longer being accepted.

new board application process

New Board Application Process for 2022

Interested applicants must first complete an Eligibility Form, simply attesting that they are a CEC member, in order to access the application.


PLEASE NOTE: Members of the CEC Board of Directors may not serve in any member-elected position on a CEC Unit or Division Board (e.g., the governing body of the unit or division) or Committee while serving in their CEC Board role if there is more than one year left to their term. In addition, they may not serve on or chair any CEC committee, unless appointed as an ex-officio liaison by the CEC President.

Applicants answer a few yes/no questions, briefly respond to two questions (below), and upload a 3-page resume.

  • In 50 words or less, what is the most important reason, or what motivated you, to apply to the Board of Directors?
  • In 300 words or less, provide three specific examples of how your leadership experiences, including professional and volunteer, have had an impact on fostering change or moving an organization/entity forward.

Each applicant will be reviewed by three LDC members (to ensure no tie) to determine if the applicant should advance to Phase 2.


Phase 1 Extended Deadline: May 31

Advancing applicants will complete another short set of questions, below, and are asked to provide demographic information and "assurances."

  • What makes CEC’s mission meaningful to you? (Limit 150 words)
  • Describe an idea you have to help CEC achieve one of the strategic plan goals, and explain how your knowledge, skills, and expertise will be applied to this idea. (Limit 250 words)
  • What methods do you suggest would assist CEC to recruit more diverse members into volunteer and leadership positions, especially within units and divisions? (Limit 250 words)

Each applicant will again be reviewed by three LDC members (for inter-rater reliability).


Phase 2 Scheduled Opening Date/Deadline: June 6/June 27

Advancing applicants will complete a live “interview,” to be recorded for LDC members unable to attend in person. Questions will be provided 24 hours in advance. Each applicant's interview is scored by the full LDC.


Following the interviews, the LDC will hold a meeting for final slating. Committee members will be provided with a blind compilation of application and interview scores.


Scheduled Dates: July 25 – August 5


Final Slating Date: August 15

Slated applicants will be required to submit a brief bio, a photo, and video, not to exceed one minute, responding to the question “What inspired you to apply to the Board of Directors?” These, along with responses to Phase 2 questions, will be made available to members prior to the election during our “Election Awareness” Campaign.


The bio must include confirmation of highest degree, primary position, and division memberships and a short summary of career highlights.


Final Materials Due: August 29


Election Awareness Campaign: Last 2 weeks of September


Election: First 2 weeks of October

Interested in serving on the Board of Directors? Learn More.

Questions? Contact Sharon Rodriguez, Director of Governance and Executive Services

Posted:  21 April, 2022

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