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KFF Releases Analysis of Current State of School-Based Mental Health Services

A child and their parent speaking to a man with a clipboard

On September 6th the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) published an analysis entitled “The Landscape of School-Based Mental Health Services” that draws upon data from the 2022 School Pulse Panel survey. Despite recent legislation meant to address student wellbeing, challenges exist, most notably a shortage of providers. “Among the 88% of schools that did not strongly believe they could effectively provide mental health services to students in need, the most reported limitations involved mental health provider shortages – 61% cited insufficient staff coverage and 57% cited a lack of access to providers.” Second to the lack of providers, respondents reported a lack of adequate funding as a barrier. Signed into law in June 2022, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act provides for support and expansion of school-based mental health services. A table within the KFF analysis demonstrates how the provisions of the bill will aid in: Expansion of School-Based Health Care Through Medicaid, Expansion of School-Based Mental Health Providers, Improving School Climate, School Safety, Trauma Support, and Other Youth Mental Health Provisions.

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Posted:  9 September, 2022

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