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January 2023 President's Message from Dr. Angie Jasper

2023 CEC President Dr. Angie Jasper smiling alongside 2022 CEC President Dr. Dani Kovach

Hello, and welcome to The Scoop

With a change in Presidents, the newsletter has a new name, but the purpose remains the same - to update you about all things CEC. Dr. Dani Kovach, Immediate Past President, did an excellent job keeping us all informed about the happenings with CEC. Like you, I enjoyed reading her monthly newsletters. I give my sincere gratitude to Dani for her friendship and leadership. She led the organization with such grace and great poise. I am thankful I had the opportunity to observe her in action. I am also thankful that she shares my love of Dunkin Donuts coffee. I can always count on her to make a Dunkin run! 

I am so excited to serve as the President of this great organization. My love and commitment to CEC runs deep. I want to share a little bit on what a difference CEC has made in my life through the Michigan CEC Unit and the Techer Education Division (TED) and the Division for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners (DDEL). 

Now, my experience may be a little different than most. I first got involved with CEC through Divisions and then my unit. TED and DDEL are divisions that provided great opportunities for me to get involved in leadership positions and to get to know like-minded individuals. I developed several significant friendships that helped me through challenges and celebrated my accomplishments. We’ve shared teaching strategies, engaged in research projects together, and shared countless resources. I really enjoy conference time when I am able to see and love on many of these people I’m referencing. 

My involvement in the Michigan CEC Unit has been and continues to be extremely beneficial. I’m not originally from Michigan, so my involvement in the Unit helped me gain a full picture of how special education services and supports are provided in our state. It also gave me the opportunity to better understand the importance of units and divisions and the need to be involved at both levels. The work we do at the local and state or provincial level is supported through the divisions and vice versa. We are all very much a team in this work and we need committed individuals at all levels to accomplish CEC’s mission. 

That said, if you are ready to take the next step and become a CEC volunteer there are many ways for members to get involved both locally and nationally. You can read more about volunteer opportunities here. Ready to leap? To get started, complete your volunteer profile through our Volunteer Square. Not sure yet? You can complete a profile and then decide your level of involvement when Units and Divisions and contact you when projects align with your interests and skills. CEC would not exist without the hundreds of volunteers that power our engines every day! 

In Unity,

Dr. Angie Jasper

2023 CEC President

Posted:  9 January, 2023
Author: Andrea D. Jasper, Ph.D.

CEC President  Department of Teacher and Special Education Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, MI 

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