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IES Releases Data Point on Race and Ethnicity of Public School Teachers

African American male educator surrounded by young African American students

This month, the National Center for Education Statistics released a snapshot of race and ethnicity of public school teachers in the United States, using data from the 2017–18 National Teacher and Principal Survey.

The data shows that 79 percent of public school teachers were White, nine percent were Hispanic of any race, and seven percent were Black. Two percent of teachers identified as Asian, two percent identified as two or more races, and less than one percent were Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaska Native. Teachers of a given race/ethnicity were more often found in schools where their race/ethnicity matched a majority of the student body. At schools with a student body that was non-White, the majority of teachers tended to be white.

The data point highlights that policymakers, institutions, and others still have a long way to go to achieve significant teacher diversity, despite a large body of evidence that shows diversity of the teacher workforce can increase the achievement of students of color and reduce gaps in academic performance.

View the IES Data Point

Posted:  25 September, 2020

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