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House Advocate for Ending Corporal Punishment Passes Away at Age 61

[image of headshot of U.S. Representative A. Donald McEachin]

U.S. Representative A. Donald McEachin died on Monday, November 28th from a longstanding illness. McEachin was a longstanding advocate on behalf of social and environmental justice, and the lead House sponsor of the Protecting our Students in Schools Act of 2021. The bill, of which CEC is a proud endorser, would end corporal punishment in schools receiving federal funds. In explaining a need for the bill, McEachin stated, “In addition to being both deeply harmful and ineffective, corporal punishment is disproportionately applied to students of color and students with disabilities… students with disabilities are struck at higher rates than students without disabilities; nearly 15 percent of all students corporally punished are students with disabilities.” CEC is grateful for McEachin’s advocacy and mourns his passing. 

Posted:  2 December, 2022

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