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Education Trust Issues Report on Social and Emotional Learning from an Equity Perspective

Ed Trust report cover

The Education Trust released a report, Social, Emotional, and Academic Development Through an Equity Lens, that recommends educators must work to create more equitable systems for students to succeed in schools.

The report acknowledges that the overwhelming majority of schools have a focus on supporting students’ social and emotional learning; however, “in too many places, the approach is to focus narrowly on changing student behavior rather than implementing practices that build relationships and create learning environments that support positive social and emotional growth.”

Drawing from existing research, the report recommends that schools shift from the practice of teaching specific competencies to a broader asset-based approach that supports student success holistically and considers the experiences of the students within the school building. The report notes, “ignoring context carries significant risks, especially for those students who are already underserved by the education system: students from low-income backgrounds, students of color, LGBTQ youth, student with disabilities, and English learners.”

The report offers six specific policy recommendations schools can use to enact change.

To view the report, go here.

Posted:  12 August, 2020

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