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ED Issues Raise the Bar Policy Brief

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The U.S. Department of Education (ED) devoted the November 2023 policy brief to its Raise the Bar: Lead the World initiative to address educator shortages, highlighting the program’s purpose and progress to date. Recognizing the impact of factors such as low wages, high preparation costs, and poor working conditions on whether new educators will enter the field, ED is taking steps to address educator shortages by promoting diversity within the teaching profession, especially in high-need areas. Diversity is seen as valuable for fostering innovation and preparing students for a global society. Included in its approach to strengthening a diverse workforce that reflects the student population, the Department also recognizes the unique contributions of educators with disabilities. The Raise the Bar: Lead the World initiative focuses on recruiting and retaining diverse educators through a three-prong approach: improved educator agency in making professional decisions, better working conditions, and competitive salaries. The Department has identified five key policy levers to eliminate shortages: increasing compensation and improving working conditions, expanding access to quality and affordable educator preparation, promoting career advancement, providing high-quality induction and professional learning, and increasing educator diversity. While progress has been made, there is acknowledgment of an ongoing challenge and the importance of continued efforts to achieve a more diverse teaching profession.

Read the November brief here.

Posted:  17 November, 2023

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