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Department of Education Announces Summer Learning and Enrichment Collaborative

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On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) announced a series of actions to build from the American Rescue Plan’s (ARP) equity-building initiatives. ED’s intentions are to advance equity in education while addressing the imbalances exacerbated by the pandemic, reimagining the way schools deliver resources to students.

Included in the series of actions is the release of a report highlighting the effects of COVID-19 on students in underserved communities, the implementation of an ARP “maintenance of equity” provision to maintain state funding for districts with the highest poverty levels, and an equity summit series beginning on June 22nd.

The summit series will feature government and school administration officials who will speak about ways schools can revitalize their methods as they begin to reopen, specifically discussing how to deliver culturally appropriate resources to students.

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Posted:  11 June, 2021

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