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Center for American Progress Unveils Report on Providing SEL Support for Teachers

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Last week, the Center for American Progress (CAP) published a report about providing social and emotional learning (SEL) supports to teachers during and after the pandemic. Since teachers are generally the first to provide social, mental, and emotional help to their students, it is essential that they are capable of managing their own.

As remaining American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds are released, CAP encourages schools and districts to provide training to teachers in order to better mitigate the stressors of the profession. By fortifying teachers’ social and emotional capabilities, schools will also reduce educator turnover and strengthen the diverse educator pipeline.

The report provides recommendations on how schools can build policies and target ARP funds to achieve these goals. For example, they recommend that school staff be central to evolving discussions on reopening schools, districts survey educators to identify helpful SEL supports, educators have access to professional development opportunities, and districts use ARP funds to prevent layoffs, raise teacher pay, and hire support staff. They also recommend organizing mentorship programs for educators and offering self-care and wellness programs.

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Posted:  30 July, 2021

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