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CEC Revises Three Key Position Statements

At its November meeting, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Board of Directors approved revisions to its Policy on Restraint and Seclusion, as well as its Policy on School Climate. These two new revisions follow a third revision on school vouchers, which was approved over the summer:

All three position statements were revised by CEC’s new Policy Steering Committee in a process that included consulting subject matter experts and an open comment period for members.

“Drafting a position that represents an entire field is both challenging and rewarding,” said Policy Steering Committee Chair Maggie McLaughlin. “It’s not always a clear path to consensus, but I’m extremely proud of the work of the committee in updating these crucial positions.”

Key position statements help guide the work of CEC’s policy efforts as the organization continues to serve as a leading voice for the field of special education.

“Helping to shape public policy is one of the fundamental pillars of CEC, which is why it’s so crucial for us to have current position statements that reflect the views of our entire community,” explains CEC President Dr. Jennifer Lesh. “These key documents shape both our proactive and reactive efforts on Capitol Hill, as well as our efforts with partner organizations.”

Dr. Lesh stresses the importance of an open and transparent system for developing position statements.

“As part of the restructuring of our policy apparatus in the last year, the Policy Steering Committee was created as a way to include members and subject matter experts into our process in a very transparent way,” Dr. Lesh said. “I’m so appreciative of the entire committee for their efforts and hard work as we strive toward including all members in our work.”

Members of the 2020 Policy Steering Committee are Shawn Bernard, Concetta Lewis, Nate Marsden, Maggie McLaughlin (chair), Lucky Mason-Williams, Kevin Rubenstein, Dennis Cavitt (ex-officio), Chad Rummel (ex-officio), and Kuna Tavalin (ex-officio). 

Posted:  17 November, 2020

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