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Biden Releases National Strategy for Combatting COVID-19

Photo of President Biden holding up the plan book

On Thursday, President Joe Biden released a comprehensive National Strategy for the COIVD-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness. The 200-page plan includes some executive actions that have already been taken, as well as future actions that will require Congressional action.

Within the framework is a plan to safely reopen schools, businesses, and travel, while protecting workers. Biden calls on Congress to provide at least $130 billion in dedicated funding for K-12 schools, $35 billion for higher education and $350 billion in state and local relief funds that can fill budget gaps and prevent educator layoffs. Additional funds would be dedicated to COVID-19 testing.

Finally, the Biden Administration will provide a guide to schools and local leaders to support safely reopening schools. 

View the plan

Posted:  22 January, 2021

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