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April 2022 President's Message from Dr. Danielle Kovach

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Sometimes the smallest gestures make the most significant impact. However, you may not always know the indelible mark you have left on someone. I recently received someone's kindness that has left a lasting impression on me. A few weeks ago, the Board of Directors traveled to CEC headquarters for our quarterly meeting. I took my usual route to DC; the Amtrak train to Union Station in DC and a few Metro stops to Arlington. The trip was mostly uneventful. I thought about the upcoming meeting and did not pay attention to those around me. As I approached my stop on the Metro, I grabbed my suitcase and bags and braced myself for the upcoming stop.

In front of me, an older adult and his companion were also getting ready to exit the train. As the doors opened, he looked my way and made a beckoning motion with his hands. I assumed that someone behind me was a part of his group, and he was making sure they stayed together. When I turned around, no one was standing behind me. The man then called to me and motioned again for me to exit the train. He made sure that his companion and I got off safely and even told a younger person to wait as we made our way to the platform. His kindness was meaningful to me, and I thanked him for helping me. Although hidden behind my mask, I hoped that he could see the giant smile on my face. 

Throughout the weekend, I told my experience to anyone who would listen. I'm sure the kind stranger had no idea what impact his actions would leave on me. As I reflect on my experience that day, it makes me wonder just how many of those same actions education professionals perform every day, without prompting or acknowledgment, but to make someone's day better. Whether a student, teacher, administrator, parent, or a complete stranger, our actions make the world better. While we may not know the full effect of what we do, we do it to affect others.

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As CEC celebrates our volunteers this month, know that your work every day leaves an indelible mark on those you serve. You may not always see the benefits, but they are there! I value and appreciate your work and dedication to the field and to CEC. And if you feel that you have more to give but are unsure where to start, please join us in our vision to create an inclusive and equitable world for individuals with disabilities by clicking here

Without you, there is no us! 

Forward. Together.

-Dr. Danielle Kovach, 2022 CEC President


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Kovach Danielle
Author: Danielle M. Kovach, Ed.D.

CEC President 
Special Education Teacher
Tulsa Trail Elementary School
Hopatcong, NJ

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Posted:  28 April, 2022

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