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How Bees Fly: Integrating Challenges and Strengths in Twice-Exceptional Education

Female African American teacher working with young African American student on reading a text
Claire E. Hughes
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CEC and The Association for the Gifted (TAG) Division present this webinar to highlight strategies teachers and parents can use to help 2e students think, value, and succeed in their abilities. Until 2005, it was not known how bees were able to fly because their wings are too small for their bodies. However, when carefully examined, scientists found that bees are able to twist their wings in such a way that lift force is extended on the upstroke and the downstroke of their wings. Bees use what appears to be a disability in unusual ways to impact the world. Teachers, parents, and twice-exceptional individuals can use this understanding of the bee to create changes in the way we teach and encourage our gifted students with disabilities, our 2e students, to think and to approach problems. Integrating strategies from gifted education and special education is the key to developing the talents and mediating for disabilities to help them change the world.

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