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Co-Teaching: Strategies to Improve Student Outcomes

Co-Teaching: Strategies to Improve Student Outcomes
Marilyn Friend
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Co-teaching is a popular service delivery model for students who are entitled to special education or other specialized services, such as support services for English learners. Evidence shows that the implementation of co-teaching is significantly associated with improved student outcomes. However for co-teaching to be effective, teachers need to thoroughly understand what the arrangement entails and what it takes to make co-teaching work.

In this newly released quick-reference laminated guide, Dr. Marilyn Friend, a renowned authority on co-teaching, provides educators with an overview of the fundamental “what,” “why,” and “how” of co-teaching.

Topics covered include:

  • Co-teaching and inclusion
  • Co-teaching vs. team teaching
  • Co-teaching vs. paraprofessional support
  • The role of each co-teacher
  • Elements of successful co-teaching partnerships
  • Instruction in co-taught classrooms/understanding specially designed instruction (SDI)
  • Co-teaching and Common Core Standards (CCSS)
  • Planning for co-teachers

Dr. Friend outlines six the following six co-teaching approaches, along with recommended frequency of use and variations for each:

  1. One Teach, One Observe
  2. Station Teaching
  3. Parallel Teaching
  4. Alternate Teaching
  5. Teaming
  6. One Teach, One Assist

School districts will want to equip all teachers with this practical, affordable, and easy-to-use tool.


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