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Co-Teaching in Secondary Schools: 7 Steps to Successful Inclusion

Co-Teaching in Secondary Schools: 7 Steps to Successful Inclusion
Lisa Dieker
Rebecca Hines
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Co-teaching is an increasingly popular teaching model. Although it can be a very effective way of helping all students in inclusive classrooms learn, it can also be quite challenging for teachers to implement, especially at the secondary level, but it is a challenge well worth embracing.

This updated and expanded edition of Co-Teaching in Secondary Schools: 7 Steps to Successful Inclusion, is an easy-to-use, quick-reference tool for middle and high school teachers embarking on co-teaching for the first time, as well for those in established co-teaching partnerships. Drs. Lisa Dieker and Rebecca Hines, well-known experts in the field of inclusion, have paired up to create a concise yet substantive laminated guide that offers teachers concrete strategies for building strong co-teaching teams.

The guide walks collaborative teaching teams through the seven steps of successful classroom inclusion, and offers practical tips and examples to help teachers along the way. It also offers a checklist of the key characteristics of effective co-teaching classrooms to help teachers stay on track by ensuring

  • Both teachers have a meaningful and consistent presence in the classroom
  • Progress monitoring and assessment of learning is ongoing
  • Both academic and social skills are taught through formal and informal lessons
  • Student learning time is maximized.

Planning forms and helpful charts are also included to assist both special ed and regular education teachers in lesson planning and tracking informal teacher observations, as well as supervising paraeducators.

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