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High Leverage Practices for Inclusive Classrooms (2nd ed.)
High Leverage Practices for Inclusive Classrooms (2nd ed.)
All Students Must Thrive
So how can we ensure that all students thrive? By building and sustaining the critical wellness approach shared in this book. It brings together three frameworks relevant for equity in schools –...
The Preschool Inclusion Toolbox: How to Build and Lead a High-Quality Program
Inclusion is clearly related to better outcomes for young children—but reports from the US Department of Education show the practice has grown by just 5% over the past 27 years. This is the how-to...
The Grieving Student: A Teacher's Guide
Death and grief will affect the lives of almost all children at some point, often leading to struggles with academic performance, social relationships, and behavior. Teachers can be a critical...
The Teacher’s Guide to Student Mental Health
By understanding child and adolescent mental health issues, general and special education teachers gain additional tools to provide the most successful educational environment for their students. But...

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