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The Teacher’s Guide to Student Mental Health

Student Mental Health
William Dikel
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By understanding child and adolescent mental health issues, general and special education teachers gain additional tools to provide the most successful educational environment for their students. But where can a teacher turn to get reliable information on what they need to know? In The Teacher’s Guide to Student Mental Health, William Dikel, MD, a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist who serves as a consultant to school districts nationwide, answers the call with a comprehensive, teacher-focused guide to student mental health. From anxiety and depression to ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, behavior disorders, substance use disorders, and psychoses, this practical book provides essential information on how mental health disorders are diagnosed and treated, how they tend to manifest at school, and how they affect students’ emotions, behaviors, and ability to learn. Dr. Dikel describes effective classroom interventions that teachers can use to provide optimal educational experiences, profiling successful programs provided by school districts in collaboration with community mental health professionals.

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