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Launching a Career in Special Education

Launching a Career
Elizabeth A. Potts Ph.D.
Lori A. Howard Ph.D.
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Brookes Publishing Co.
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For new special educators, navigating the first few years on the job can be a challenge. This positive and practical resource is your friendly guide to taking what you learned in your teacher prep program and applying it successfully in your classroom. Developed by two special education experts with decades of experience, this book gives you a complete action plan for on-the-job success — from managing everyday details like paperwork and classroom routines to mastering big-picture strategies for behavior management, collaboration, and assessment.

Potts and Howard take you step by step through key procedures, addressing common questions and concerns, and giving you sound advice you can use for your whole career. Throughout the book, relatable quotes from new and seasoned educators offer real-world perspectives on the joys and challenges of teaching.

Whether used as a quick-start guide for novice teachers or a supplemental textbook for future special educators, this how-to resource will help you — and your students — thrive in your first few years in the classroom.


  • Set up your classroom
  • Craft IEPs that reflect the student’s and family’s needs and goals
  • Plan differentiated lessons that address IEP goals
  • Find, use, and evaluate evidence-based practices
  • Choose or develop classroom assessments that are reliable and valid
  • Use positive strategies to reduce challenging behavior
  • Prepare yourself and your students for a classroom observation
  • Demonstrate professionalism in everything from your attire to your online conduct
  • Collaborate effectively with other teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and support staff

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: In each chapter, Planning Timeline boxes highlight which tasks to do when; Special Topics boxes guide you through key issues related to ethics, co-teaching, and English language learners; and Reflection boxes give you activities and checklists to help you apply what you learned.

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