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Good Blood, Bad Blood

Good Blood, Bad Blood
J. David Smith
Michael I. Wehmeyer
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Published in 1912, The Kallikak Family was a pseudoscientific treatise describing generations of illiterate, poor and purportedly immoral Kallikak family members who were chronically unemployed, ”feebleminded,” criminal, and, in general, perceived as threats to ”racial hygiene.” In the 100 years since publication of The Kallikak Family, the woman psychologist Henry Herbert Goddard called ”Deborah” has remained in the shadows of history, known only by the name forced upon her. Using new source material, Good Blood, Bad Blood tells her story in its entirety-in dramatic, narrative style-for the first time. It is a landmark publication in disability studies, vital to understanding of both this specific American tragedy and the history of efforts to manipulate the human population.

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