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Differentiation for Gifted Learners: Going Beyond the Basics

Differentiation for Gifted Learners: Going Beyond the Basics
Diane Heacox
Richard M. Cash
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Free Spirit Publishing
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Differentiation for gifted students significantly differs from the ways in which educators differentiate curriculum and instruction for other students. Within a group of advanced learners, the variety of abilities, talents, interests, and learning styles can be formidable. Differentiating for them must go beyond adjusting content levels, task complexity, or product choice. For the first time, this book connects the unique learning differences among gifted students to the specific teaching methods used to tailor their educational experiences. Topics discusses include real-world problem solving, abstract thinking, interdisciplinary concepts, authentic products, learning autonomy, accountability, grouping practices, affective curriculum, 21 st-century skills, Advanced Placement and Honors classes, IB programs, underserved populations, and twice-exceptional learners.

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