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Developing Effective Special Educators

Developing Effective Special Educators Book Cover
Alice Tesch Graham
Gia Anselmo Renaud
Martha McCann Rose
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Teachers College Press
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$27.95 (6% off)
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How can novice special education teachers improve their practice and grow as professionals? How can veteran teachers remain connected to their profession and share their knowledge and skills? This readable, research-based guide outlines a program of collaboration to enable novice teachers to gain insight from their more experienced colleagues. It argues that epistemic empathy is a core attribute to develop in practitioners at all levels of experience in order to apply principles of special education practice in thoughtful and innovative ways. The book shows how to develop the dispositions and repertoire for successful teaching by building bridges across the profession. This dialogical approach is the foundation for sustained growth at all levels of practice, and for deepening the kind of practical wisdom that comes with time. Book highlights include:

  • Provides a practical review of special education principles, practices, and theory, as well as relevant current research.
  • Scaffolds work in the zone of proximal development for novices, their mentors, and supervisors in an effort to improve practice through collaboration.
  • Offers plans and ideas for support and refection that will contribute to personal growth and lead to strong leadership.

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