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The Data Collection Toolkit: Everything You Need to Organize, Manage, and Monitor Classroom Data

The Data Collection Toolkit
Cindy Golden
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Brookes Publishing Co.
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$37.95 (5% off)
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Collecting data on behavior, academic skills, and IEP goals is an essential step in showing student progress—but it can also be a complicated, time-consuming process. Take the worry and stress out of data collection with this ultra-practical resource, packed with the tools you need to organize, manage, and monitor critical information on your students’ progress. You’ll discover proven, stress-free data collection techniques used by real teachers, with strategies and shortcuts developed through the author’s extensive teaching and consulting work. You’ll also get first-person classroom examples, quizzes, definitions of key terms, and a complete package of reproducible forms and tools. An essential resource for special educators, general educators, and paraprofessionals, this toolkit will help you become a “classroom detective” who collects the right data, analyzes it skillfully, and uses it to solve each student’s challenges.

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