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Ball State Online

Ball State Online

Ball State University offers online graduate programs in applied behavior analysis and special education with focus in autism. Our ABA course sequence is verified by ABAI and meet the course work requirements to take the BCBA exam. Study at your own pace with 8-week and 16-week formats.

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Special Education Paraeducator Assessment and Evaluation Toolkit

Content type: Webinar
The toolkit is designed to improve the assessment and evaluation of paraeducators who work with students with disabilities. The goal is to ensure the effective utilization of paraeducators and provide them with ongoing mentoring and professional...

Quick Takes

Content type: Webinar
Quick Takes are a series of short videos, with each episode focusing on a specific topic or question that has risen to the top during this time of transferring instruction into online formats.

JumpStart Program for New & Early-Career Special Educators

Content type: Webinar
CEC’s popular JumpStart Program for New and Early-Career Special Educators is back and better than ever. This completely online course was designed to equip new special educators like you with the critical information, resources, peer network, and expert...

HLPs for Admins Webinar Mini-Series

Content type: Webinar
The HLPs for Administrators: CEC Webinar Series includes TWO live webinars with HLP expert Dr. Michael Kennedy from the University of Virginia. He discusses social/behavioral HLPs and leadership decisions for teams and families.

Effective and High-Leverage Practices for Paraeducators

Content type: Webinar
In collaboration with the Paraprofessional Resource & Research Center and the CEEDAR Center, the Council for Exceptional Children is excited to provide paraeducators with a learning program focused on your unique role as a paraeducator and how that aligns...

Collection | Transition Strategies to Build Pathways to Success

Content type: Webinar
Enroll in CEC’s On-Demand Transition Strategies to Build Pathways to Success Collection focused on helping students with disabilities achieve their dreams and goals for adulthood. This collection has something for everyone - families/caregivers, special...

Collection | Tier 1 Literacy in Practice

Content type: Webinar
Enroll in CEC’s On-Demand Collection focused on Tier 1 Literacy in Practice. This collection is designed to provide Special and General educators with the most current research and proven strategies.

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