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Building Resilience in Special Educators

Content type: Webinar
Special educators have demanding jobs that require high levels of energy and resilience. You’re probably stressed by these demands, but haven’t been prepared to effectively manage it all. Eventually, job stress escalates to the level of burnout, which has...

The IEP Process: Essential Strategies for Special Education Teachers

Content type: Webinar
The IEP process is full of legal mandates and requirements that cause anxiety for all special education teachers, and can be particularly daunting for new special educators. A productive IEP process requires that the IEP team ― teachers, families, and...

A Valuable Partner: Setting the Stage For Effective Family Engagement

Content type: Webinar
As a new—or experienced—teacher, it can sometimes seem like it’s you against the world…including the families you work with. You’re the education expert. Why can’t they see that? In this webinar, Sean Roy, a longtime parent advocate and national technical...

Thriving as a New Special Education Teacher

Content type: Webinar
Having support and resources helps special education teachers to not only survive, but thrive during their first years in the classroom. This webinar will share effective strategies new teachers need to enhance student learning, collaborate with colleagues...

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