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Using Assessments, Part 1: Collecting Data and Selecting Strategies

Content type: Webinar
Using Assessments, Part 1: Collecting Data and Selecting Strategies HLP Webinar Series – HLP #6, Use student assessment data The first letter in DBI is also the first thing you need—Data. Collecting data using reliable, valid assessments allows you to...

ELLs and Language-Based LD: Misconceptions and Assumptions

Content type: Webinar
At times, English Language Learners with language-based learning disabilities may only be identified as ESL students. In this webinar, you’ll hear about some common misconceptions about types of language-based disabilities, ELLs, how you can identify ELLs...

What Principals Need to Know about IEPs

Content type: Webinar
The individualized education program (IEP) for students eligible for special education and related services is the foundation for all services. In this program, you’ll analyze the increasingly important role principals play in IEP development, meetings...

What Principals Need to Know to Avoid Special Education Litigation

Content type: Webinar
Principals often lead IEP or multidisciplinary team meetings and meet with parents about students’ progress on goals and objectives-yet most principals do not have training in the basic provisions of special education law or Section 504 of the...

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