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Self-Management Strategies to Support Students With ASD

Content type: Journal Article
Students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often struggle with a series of executive functioning (EF) deficits that make independent behavior in general education settings difficult. Consequently, teachers or paraprofessionals often are required to...

Sleep and Cognitive Functioning in Children with Disabilities

Content type: Journal Article
Sleep disorders and sleep of insufficient duration and quality have been associated with impaired cognitive functioning in typically developing children and in children with a wide array of disabilities and medical conditions. Among children with...

A New Framework for Systematic Reviews

Content type: Journal Article
This review presents a novel framework for evaluating evidence based on a set of parallel criteria that can be applied to both group and single-subject experimental design (SSED) studies. The authors illustrate use of this evaluation system in a systematic...

Predictors of Autism Enrollment in Public School Systems

Content type: Journal Article
With a number of disparities present in the diagnosis and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders, the education system plays a crucial role in the provision of both these service elements. Based on school and federal census data, this article...

Self-Management Interventions on Students With Autism

Content type: Journal Article
Self-management interventions aimed at skill acquisition and/or improving behavior of students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders were examined. Twenty-three single-subject research design studies met inclusion criteria. Quality assessment of these...

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