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Students’ Understanding of Diagrams for Solving Word Problems

Content type: Journal Article
A visual representation, such as a diagram, can be a powerful strategy for solving mathematical word problems. However, using a representation to solve mathematical word problems is not as simple as it seems! Many students with learning disabilities...

Common Core State Standards for Students With Gifts and Talents

Content type: Journal Article
As many states have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), teachers can look to these standards as a framework for supporting students with gifts and talents. Differentiation of curriculum and instruction to address the CCSS will be necessary to...

By the Book

Content type: Journal Article
Children’s literature has great potential for starting conversations about human diversity and ability. In this paper, books from the Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award are provided as a model for using children’s literature to talk about disability in...

Using Explicit and Systematic Instruction to Support Working Memory

Content type: Journal Article
Differences in working memory capacity have important implications for learning new skills and completing instructional activities. Students with learning disabilities are particularly vulnerable to contending with compromised working memory while learning...

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