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Extracurricular School Clubs

Content type: Journal Article
How can teachers promote the participation of students with severe disabilities in school activities while providing opportunities for skill enhancement and fun? This article describes a five-step process for addressing priority functional and academic...

Switch on the Learning

Content type: Journal Article
Technology, such as speech generating devices (SGD), offer a wide variety of ways for students with significant disabilities to independently interact with their environment. However, to be independent, students with severely limited mobility need some...

Teacher-Provided Positive Attending to Improve Student Behavior

Content type: Journal Article
Disruptive behaviors can create significant difficulties within the classroom. Problems are compounded when students experience an emotional or behavioral disorder (EBD). An often underutilized teacher-implemented behavioral classroom management technique...

Teaching Spelling, Writing, and Reading for Writing

Content type: Journal Article
Students with disabilities often find writing extremely challenging. Special educators can, however, promote tremendous gains in their students’ ability to write by understanding common challenges to the writing process and mastering specific teaching...

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