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Peer Victimization Among Young Children With Disabilities

Content type: Journal Article
The purpose of this study was to examine the risk and protective factors of peer victimization among young children with disabilities. This study analyzed data from the Pre-Elementary Education Longitudinal Study ( n =1,130) to test a path model that...

A New Framework for Systematic Reviews

Content type: Journal Article
This review presents a novel framework for evaluating evidence based on a set of parallel criteria that can be applied to both group and single-subject experimental design (SSED) studies. The authors illustrate use of this evaluation system in a systematic...

Self-Management Interventions on Students With Autism

Content type: Journal Article
Self-management interventions aimed at skill acquisition and/or improving behavior of students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders were examined. Twenty-three single-subject research design studies met inclusion criteria. Quality assessment of these...

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