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Ball State University offers online graduate programs in applied behavior analysis and special education with focus in autism. Our ABA course sequence is verified by ABAI and meet the course work requirements to take the BCBA exam. Study at your own pace with 8-week and 16-week formats.

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Collaboration Between Special and Physical Education

Content type: Journal Article
Physical education and active lifestyle have countless benefits to all students, especially those with disabilities. Collaboration between special and physical education professionals is a critical component for ensuring students’ well-being. This article...

Mentoring in Action

Content type: Journal Article
The growing emphasis on teacher accountability has led to increased integration of teacher evaluation and new teacher mentoring. This study examined professional and emotional mentoring supports within an urban school district that centered its induction...

Literacy Learning Cohorts

Content type: Journal Article
Two professional development (PD) models for teachers were compared on teacher and student outcomes. Special education teachers participated in Literacy Learning Cohorts (LLC), a PD innovation designed to improve content and pedagogical knowledge for...

Unit Co-Planning for Academic and College and Career Readiness in Inclusive Secondary Classrooms Toews, S. G., Miller, A. L., Kurth, J. A., & Turner, E. L. 9/1/2020 53 1 2020 Access to quality general education instruction that includes academic and non

Content type: Journal Article
Access to quality general education instruction that includes academic and non-academic skills is a right for all children. To accomplish this, it is necessary to provide tools that foster collaborative planning for student success. The Unit Co-Planning...

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