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Who Is the Parent?

Content type: Journal Article
Parental participation is a critical feature of IDEA, however the question of “who” is a parent often presents a challenge. With regard to educational decisions, states may include more options under the definition of a parent than those provided in the...

An Updated Primer of Special Education Law

Content type: Journal Article
Teachers and parents often find special education law complex and confusing. As one step for a basic foundation in special education law, a previous TEC article (Zirkel, 2005) provided a snapshot of the “top 5 case concepts” based on 10 decisions from the...

TANF's Impact on Low-Income Mothers Raising Children with Disabilities

Content type: Journal Article
Using data from the National Survey of America's Families, this study assesses the success of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) goals to increase employment, enhance family stability through marriage promotion, and reduce welfare reliance. In...

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