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Let's Go Learn

Let's Go Learn provides highly diagnostic online assessments and automated progress monitoring tools to help teachers write IEPs faster and with greater accuracy. Present levels and benchmark goals are automatically identified for each student. In addition, Let's Go Learn provides specially designed instruction that targets each student's gaps in reading and mathematics via its online learning platform that works in-class or remotely.

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Technology and Transition in the 21st Century

Content type: Journal Article
Technology can be used to help individuals with disabilities function in various aspects of their lives throughout the transition process, assisting them in developing the skills they need to be successful. Assistive technologies can be particularly useful...

Bringing Instructional Strategies Home

Content type: Journal Article
Families of children with disabilities play a critical role in fostering development and promoting independence across the life span of their children. Although implementing collaborative supports can be challenging for families and practitioners, online...

Detecting and Correcting Fractions Computation Error Patterns

Content type: Journal Article
This article describes a follow-up analysis of findings from a randomized study that tested the efficacy of a blended version of Enhanced Anchored Instruction (EAI) designed to improve both the computation and problem-solving performances of middle school...

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