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Beyond Stereotypes

Content type: Journal Article
This article will focus on the characteristics, recognition, and strategies for meeting the needs of students who have a disability and who also have characteristics and traits associated with giftedness. The term “twice-exceptional” was coined to describe...

Graphic Organizers for Secondary Students With Learning Disabilities

Content type: Journal Article
Research suggests students with learning disabilities often have trouble connecting new and prior knowledge, distinguishing essential and nonessential information, and applying comprehension strategies (Dicecco & Gleason, 2002; Vaughn & Edmonds, 2006)...

Blending Wheels

Content type: Journal Article
Children with learning disabilities typically struggle with learning to read, particularly with developing phonemic blending skills. Finding ways to provide sufficient decoding practice is an ongoing challenge for special educators. Blending wheels are...

By the Book

Content type: Journal Article
Children’s literature has great potential for starting conversations about human diversity and ability. In this paper, books from the Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award are provided as a model for using children’s literature to talk about disability in...

Switch on the Learning

Content type: Journal Article
Technology, such as speech generating devices (SGD), offer a wide variety of ways for students with significant disabilities to independently interact with their environment. However, to be independent, students with severely limited mobility need some...

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