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Let's Go Learn

Let's Go Learn provides highly diagnostic online assessments and automated progress monitoring tools to help teachers write IEPs faster and with greater accuracy. Present levels and benchmark goals are automatically identified for each student. In addition, Let's Go Learn provides specially designed instruction that targets each student's gaps in reading and mathematics via its online learning platform that works in-class or remotely.

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Designing and Implementing Group Contingencies in the Classroom

Content type: Journal Article
Group contingencies are an evidence-based proactive classroom behavior management system designed for teachers to implement during instruction. These practical programs reward groups or teams of students’ contingent on following explicitly stated...

Classroom Management With Exceptional Learners

Content type: Journal Article
Managing a classroom effectively is a critical skill teachers need to maximize academic achievement, enhance student social competence, promote positive classroom climate, and support students with exceptional needs. When paired with effective instruction...

How I Encourage Independence in the Classroom

Content type: SET Blog
Posted:  15 January, 2020
Student reach the greatest levels of independence when all staff members are working together to teach and encourage new independent skills. Here are three ways I encourage independence in my classroom and work to build my students skills each and every...

3 Tips for Remembering Behavior-Specific Praise

Content type: SET Blog
Posted:  19 February, 2020
The type of praise you give your students matters, and behavior-specific praise is shown to be the most effective. But, it is also the one that comes least naturally. Here's how I remind myself to consistently implement behavior-specific praise in my room.

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