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ADAPTS portable transfer sling

Content type: Partner Resource
It’s not something we like to think about, but in the event of an emergency, speed and safety are crucial to a successful evacuation. Office buildings and schools, auditoriums and arenas are vulnerable places when the elevator is inoperative. Stair chairs...

Tobii Dynavox

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Tobii Dynavox is the leading provider of touch and eye tracking based assistive technology hardware and software for those with communication and mobility impairments. For over three decades, the company has stood at the forefront of assistive technology...


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EazyHold enables independence with art, music, writing, eating, and playtime. Unlike other cuffs which put a foam roller between hand and tool preventing feeling the object, EazyHold puts the tool in hand against the skin, for greater sensory perception...

How to Use Audio Feedback to Improve Students’ Writing Quality

Content type: Journal Article
Curriculum, testing, and administrative demands limit instructional time in modern classrooms (McKeown, FitzPatrick, & Sandmel, 2014); for these reasons, teacher-student conferences and timely personalized feedback are short or rare (Stemper, 2002)...

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