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Let's Go Learn

Let's Go Learn provides highly diagnostic online assessments and automated progress monitoring tools to help teachers write IEPs faster and with greater accuracy. Present levels and benchmark goals are automatically identified for each student. In addition, Let's Go Learn provides specially designed instruction that targets each student's gaps in reading and mathematics via its online learning platform that works in-class or remotely.

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Who Is the Parent?

Content type: Journal Article
Parental participation is a critical feature of IDEA, however the question of “who” is a parent often presents a challenge. With regard to educational decisions, states may include more options under the definition of a parent than those provided in the...

Extended School Year: Legal and Practical Considerations for Educators

Content type: Journal Article
Special education teachers and administrators often struggle to understand the legal rights of students with disabilities, leading to parent-school disagreements. Specifically, school professionals lack information about Extended School Year (ESY). Based...

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