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Vocabulary Word Instruction for Students Who Read Braille

Content type: Journal Article
The association made between the meaning, spelling, and pronunciation of a word has been shown to help children remember the meanings of words. The present study addressed whether the presence of a target word in Braille during instruction facilitated...

Services and Supports, Partnership, and Family Quality of Life

Content type: Journal Article
In this, study, the authors examined the moderating effects of partnership on the relationship between services and supports adequacy and family quality of life (FQOL) for families of children with deaf-blindness ages birth to 21. A social-ecological...

OSEP Listening Session

Content type: Event
DVIDB is hosting a listening session with OSEP on November 2nd, 3 p.m. Eastern. We look forward to hearing from professionals as well as other stakeholders including families; everyone is welcome. More information about the event is at: https:/...

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