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Behavior Today Newsletter 39.3

Content type: News
Posted:  6 July, 2022
From the President’s Desk Timothy Landrum On July 1 each year, a transition occurs in the DEBH leadership cycle, as those in the presidential line move forward one space. Brian Barber has done a fantastic job of leading us this past year, and this year it...

The Impact of Trauma on Students & Learning

Content type: SET Blog
Posted:  30 June, 2022
Alex Shevrin Venet (2021) reminds educators that trauma is a lens not a label. The importance of looking at trauma through a lens versus using trauma as a label is only too clear when we observe the harm caused by stereotypes attributed to labels placed on...

Behavior Today 39(2)

Content type: News
Posted:  28 April, 2022
When David moved to Kansas in 2013 the local chapter of Delta Tau Delta at University of Kansas reached out, needing an advisor. He initially declined, but they lowered the response effort by offering a co-advisor so he accepted, though the co-advisor...

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