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4 Steps for Transition Planning: Valuing the Process

Content type: SET Blog
Posted:  29 June, 2020
As a high-school intervention specialist, my personal transition planning process has evolved over the years. Regardless of your approach to transition planning, however, there's one thing we can all share: If you value the process, your students will...

Preparing Students for the Real World with LCE

Content type: SET Blog
Posted:  7 May, 2020
As educators, one of your most important goals is to prepare students to become fully participating members of their communities. Here's how educators around the world are using CEC's Life Centered Education (LCE) transition curriculum to support their...

Civil Rights Commission Calls for End to Subminimum Wage Program

Content type: News
Posted:  18 September, 2020
On Thursday, the U.S Commission on Civil Rights issued a report on an exemption under section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act that allows employers to pay certain individuals with disabilities at a rate below the federal minimum wage.

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