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Friendship 101: Helping Learners with Autism Build Social Competence

Content type: Webinar
In collaboration with the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD) An essential characteristic of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is difficulty acquiring the social skills needed to develop social competence, including the ability to form...

Sara Wallace

Content type: 100 Stories
Posted:  19 May, 2022
For as long as I can remember, I have always been inspired and drawn to children that arrived to school everyday despite challenges at home and various learning styles. My heart broke for these students who were repeatedly dismissed by educators that were...

Sheila Vander Tuig

Content type: 100 Stories
Posted:  23 February, 2022
Sheila Vander Tuig is a special education vocational/transition coordinator with the East Central Kansas Cooperative in Education. In her role supporting students from three Kansas high schools, Ms. Vander Tuig continually demonstrates her passion to...

Cain Alvey

Content type: 100 Stories
Posted:  31 August, 2021
As a moderate-severe disabilities teacher for an independent school district in a suburb of Louisville for 5 years, I focused my instruction on increasing the functional ability and independence of my students while still seeing academic growth in my...

Benjamin Tillotson

Content type: 100 Stories
Posted:  7 September, 2021
Benjamin “Ben” Tillotson is a Transition Specialist at the Salt Lake City School District, in Utah. During his 9 years in education, he has work with his students in the SCORE program. SCORE strives to prepare students for the transition from school to...

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