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Provincial CEC Yes I Can Student Awards

Each Chapter and Subdivision may submit 3 nominations for the YES I CAN Student Award. An individual CEC member may nominate a student where there is not an active chapter. For nominations from French boards, the location of the child’s school may determine which active chapter nominates and presents the award. Each nomination must have a completed nomination form and a signed media release. 

A child/youth may be nominated in only one category. Please indicate this category on the nomination form. 

  • Academics- achievement in a particular subject area such as math, science, reading, social studies, language arts, foreign languages, etc. or a high level of achievement on standardized tests, etc.
  • Arts- achievement in a particular area such as music, art, drama, dance or written expression.
  • School & Community- achievement in organized activities at the school or community level through groups such as school-based clubs/activities (yearbook, theater, debate, tutoring, peer mentoring, social, service) or community-based clubs/activities (volunteer work,  places of worship, service, cleanup campaigns).
  • Technology – significant achievement through the use of assistive and adaptive technology devices and equipment (computerized or otherwise).
  • Self-Advocacy- achievement in assuming practical responsibility for oneself, using knowledge of legal rights, advancing one’s goals, or effectively obtaining appropriate accommodations for oneself or others.
  • Transition- achievement in mastering activities that lead to successful experiences in the areas of a) work, b) vocational training, or c) independent living. Nominations should be made in only one of the three areas.

*See Awards Nomination Package Below

Student Awards Nomination Package

Provincial CEC Yes I Can Student Awards
Criteria: An exceptional student who has demonstrated achievement in academics, the arts, school and community, technology, self-advocacy or transition.

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Last Updated:  19 October, 2023

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