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Whale Shark Software was created by a team with expertise in both technology and special education who understand the need for data collection and the demands placed upon educators. Our mission is to deliver a low-cost, secure, easy-to-use special education data collection tool for teachers, enabling them to spend more time teaching and less time doing paperwork. We strive to provide excellent customer service and continue to work closely with our users in developing new features to continuously add value and functionality to EC-AID (Exceptional Children Accommodation & IEP Data).

EC-AID allows you to gain control and visibility to your IEP implementation data through simplified data collection and reporting. By putting IEP progress monitoring in the palm of a teacher’s hand, EC-AID enables staff to consistently document goal progress, accommodation utilization, and service delivery, and demonstrate IEP implementation with fidelity. Our reports have enabled schools and providers to successfully demonstrate IEP goal progress monitoring and accommodation delivery in state audits and litigation. EC-AID supports the Special Education team by including all staff in progress monitoring, reduces time required by staff to generate reports, and increases IDEA and state compliance. The easy-to-read reports with graphs help parents understand and track their child’s progress. With visible data, teams are able to make informed decisions which improves students’ overall progress.

What do whale sharks have to do with special ed data? The name Whale Shark Software was inspired by a special young man who LOVES all things whale shark!

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Collect, manage, and report special education data for compliance and student-centered decision making. EC-AID (Exceptional Children Accommodation & IEP Data) is an affordable solution to simplify data collection, encourage collaboration, and improve data. EC-AID can help track IEP/504/ELL goals & objectives, accommodation use, and service delivery times. System-generated notifications prompt consistent monitoring of goals, while goal measurement instructions ensure fidelity of data collection by multiple staff members. Data is automatically rendered into reports with graphs to show progress & drive instructional decisions. Navigate your ocean of data with ease, with EC-AID.


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We invite any school or teacher to create a trial account in EC-AID. The trial gives you full use of the software, tutorials, and support for 30 days with no obligation or credit card required. Explore the program features and transform your data collection processes. At the end of the trial period, the account can be converted to a paid subscription and all data is maintained. 


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