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Annette Logsdon-Rodriguez, Chief Revenue Officer
+1 (512) 773-5030 

701 Loyola Avenue
Suite #52377
New Orleans, LA 70152

TORSH is an educational technology solutions provider that serves educators, schools, and providers working in the special education space. Our featured product, TORSH Talent, is a highly-configurable virtual platform that harnesses the power of video and data to support schools, organizations, and care providers as they work to improve services and outcomes for all learners.

TORSH Talent is the only professional development platform that is HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant and serves tens of thousands of users in over 2,000 schools, universities, and organizations in the United States.

Accessible at any time and from anywhere, our secure online platform empowers educators, administrators, and providers to cultivate a data-driven culture and invest in effective professional development. The Insights feature compiles this data into useful, built-in reports that allow administrators to track data at the user level, school level, and the district, network, or organization level. 

Many of our partners leverage TORSH Talent in interesting ways. For example, one partner is using Talent as a comprehensive home base for their researchers providing early intervention virtual home visits to children with autism and their families. Many of our partners use the platform for coaching and mentorship, to capture video-based observations and provide evidence-based feedback on using the most current social/emotional practices and various special education frameworks.

Get in touch with Annette Logsdon-Rodriguez, our Chief Revenue Officer, to request a demo and for more information on how TORSH supports schools and programs like you!

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Read about how the Communication and Early Childhood Research and Practice (CEC-RAP) Center at Florida State University (FSU) used TORSH Talent to provide distance mentoring to collaborating state agencies through the use of virtual coaching feedback sessions. A key objective of FSU’s distance mentoring project is to help states build their internal capacity to deliver high-quality professional learning to EI providers directly. TORSH Talent not only helps FSU achieve this goal, but it is also a tool that states can utilize to deliver their professional learning resources after FSU’s support ends.


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Read about how Rockdale County Public Schools began using TORSH Talent in 2018 to mentor induction phase teachers, taking advantage of features such as building an Exemplar Library, video feedback, and built-in reports. Rockdale principals and coaches have data-driven proof from TORSH Talent that job-embedded professional development directly impacts teacher retention and student learning.


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Read about how The Center: Early Childhood Professional Learning used TORSH Talent to switch to a virtual teacher coaching model, overcoming the barriers of time and distance associated with their state-wide Preschool for All Coaching Project and becoming more equitable in the process.


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See how TORSH Talent supports education professionals at all levels, elevating professional learning with evidence-based theories of practice in a convenient and secure online platform.


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TORSH Talent experts are ready to walk you through our classroom observation, virtual coaching, and data management solutions. We are excited to chat about how we support educators and providers like you!


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