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TFH Special Needs Toys

TFH Special Needs Toys provides products that enable the "Power of Play" through functional intervention, learning opportunities and play for everyone. We manufacture and distribute sensory toys, therapeutic products, and specialized sensory room equipment.
Business Information

Office and Warehouse:
4537 Gibsonia Road
Gibsonia, PA 156044

TFH believes that every person has the right to meaningful inclusion. We provide sensory products that develop or reinforce skills, knowledge, and behaviors through the power of inclusive play. 

We started with our signature Full Support Swing Seat in 1983 and we have evolved into the premiere supplier of sensory products for special education programs throughout the country. 

We offer all of our products through our website. There you will find a variety of products categorize by Senses & Skills to assist in finding what suits your needs. Purchase online with a credit card or purchase order.

We offer FREE Sensory Room Consultation and Design Service. Our Sensory Consultants can assist you in the strategic planning of your sensory room, provide you with a detailed drawing and quote and coordinate the shipment and installation of your TFH Sensory Room. Get in touch with one of our consultants and find samples of our rooms at

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TFH Bubble & Hurricane Tubes

TFH Bubble & Hurricane Tubes have unique therapeutic capabilities not found on any other tube on the market. You can customize the environment to each individual's needs with our speed adjustment. This allows you to incrementally turn up or down the flow of the bubbles to stimulate or calm the senses. Take control of your environment with one of our many Color Controllers. Encourage engagement and empower your students to learn how to regulate their sensory systems independently.


LED technology and sturdy design of our tubes and bases gives you a Bubble Tube that will last for years.


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TFH Full Support Swings

Our high-backed special needs swing seats have been providing a supported ride to generations. Satisfy the vesitibular sensory needs of your students with this comfortable, versatile swing seat.


Each seat includes:

  • Molded pommel
  • Deluxe Harness
  • Durable adjustable ropes and hardware. 
  • Accessories include Seat Liners, Chains and Covers (sold separately).

Child Seat - H: 22" x W: 13" x D: 12" and 100 lb limit.

Teen Seat - H: 25" x W: 15" x D: 13" and 180 lb limit.

Adult Seat - H: 33" x W: 20" x D: 14" and 280 lb limit.


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TFH Squeeze Machine

TFH exclusive Squeeze Machine provides adjustable deep-pressure therapy as you squeeze your way between the rollers. Sturdy frame holds three inflatable bumpers.


Everyone's sensory needs are different and change from hour to day to year. Our unique system allows you to adjust the tension of the bumpers to find the "just-right" amount of pressure that soothes and regulates your sensory system. Release the tension cord and adjust the top bolster to a stationary height of your preference. Get the all important proprioceptive input at any time during your day. Our Squeeze Machine will accommodate children and adults.


Weight Limit-175 lb. 


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TFH Vecta Deluxe & Delight

The Vecta Deluxe & Delight Mobile Sensory Stations are ideal where space is at a premium. It turns any room into a relaxing, distracting and empowering Multi Sensory Room. Its minimal footprint makes this perfect for classrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and medical facilities. Appropriate for all ages and abilities.


Each Vecta cart includes:

  • 4' Bubble or Hurricane Tube
  • Wired 4-Button Color Controller (for tube)
  • Ball Switch for Tube
  • Fiber Optic Spray (6'x100 tails)
  • Integral MP3 Stereo & 1 CD
  • SNAP Projector & 2 Wheels
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser & Oils

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