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Saint Paul, MN 55121

At Read Naturally, we pride ourselves on the quality of our materials, our dedicated service to educators, and the success of students who use our products. We believe that curricula should be interesting and appropriate for each and every student, and that materials should be flexible and adaptable for many situations and environments. We believe that teachers understand the needs of their students best, and that teachers should be supported in their efforts through professional development and coaching.

Since 1991, Read Naturally has helped striving readers of all ages develop into confident, lifelong learners with highly effective, evidence-based intervention solutions. Our programs build fluency, develop phonics skills, and improve vocabulary and comprehension with a structured process featuring nonfiction passages and a motivating scoring system. 

Read Live, our flagship program, combines four highly effective instructional programs under one easy to use platform: Read Naturally Live, Word Warm-ups Live, One Minute Reader Live, and Read Naturally Live—Español. Try Read Live with as many students as you like, free for 60-days!

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Read Live delivers measurable results for struggling and developing readers of all ages by combining four highly effective instructional programs under one easy to use web-based platform.


Improve fluency and phonics skills while supporting vocabulary and comprehension development with Read Naturally Live. Build mastery and automaticity in phonics and decoding with Word Warm-ups Live. Transform independent reading time into an exciting, guided reading experience with One Minute Reader Live. Help multilingual readers develop Spanish literacy skills and fluency with Read Naturally Live—Español, a Spanish-language version of Read Naturally Live.


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Develop confident learners with the most powerful intervention program for striving readers. Improve fluency and phonics skills while supporting vocabulary and comprehension development with our flagship reading intervention. Utilizing the proven Read Naturally Strategy on a web-based platform, Read Naturally Live combines an intrinsically motivating system with the best evidence-based practices to deliver results fast. Trusted by educators and loved by students across the country. 


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Build mastery and automaticity in phonics and decoding with systematic phonics instruction and multiple opportunities for students to decode and encode words easily. Word Warm-ups Live develops accuracy and automaticity in decoding through a modified version of the powerful Read Naturally Strategy of teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. Students work on short audio-supported phonics exercises as reading warm-ups or a phonics intervention.


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Transform independent reading time! One Minute Reader Live delivers measurable results with an exciting, guided reading experience. Engage students with interesting short passages, motivating graphs, and fun joke jumbles. Utilizing the research-based Read Naturally Strategy in a fully independent and motivating system, One Minute Reader Live helps students develop fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skills, and build confidence as learners.


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This Spanish language version of Read Naturally Live develops the literacy skills of multilingual readers. Read Naturally Live—Español is mostly independent reading program that supports native Spanish speakers to develop their Spanish reading fluency while building general reading skills with Spanish texts. The program may be used with Spanish-speaking students before or while a student learns to read in English. The program also helps native English speakers or others to learn to read Spanish text fluently as an additional language.


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